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SFA (Oxford) ground-breaking, due diligence study on The Drivers for Mobility Change is a unique and forensic comprehension of the evolution of mobility in the context of the megatrends of urbanisation, air quality regulation, and digitisation.

The report provides answers to the most pressing questions about future mobility solutions, cutting through today’s diversely opinionated forecasts to provide realistic scenarios to help guide your strategic assessments.
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About us
SFA (Oxford) Ltd is a world authority on the materials that are essential for tomorrow's clean mobility and new technologies brought about by the evolution of cities and industrialised areas. With our long track record of independent, comprehensive analysis of clean automotive mobility and emissions legislation, SFA (Oxford) has become a trusted advisor across the automotive value chain, working for car manufacturers, OEM suppliers, investors and raw material suppliers.

For over 15 years, SFA (Oxford) has acted as a leading consultancy on strategic commodities, including the platinum-group metals required for emissions abatement in the automotive industry. Through analysing and forecasting the infiltration of technologies to cut emissions and fuel use, and carrying out market assessments for materials required for battery electric vehicles such as lithium and cobalt, we have become renowned consultants and go-to experts in this space.

SFA (Oxford) has been holding the Oxford Platinum Lectures since 2010, an annual event which has become a staple of the London Platinum Week calendar. We welcome distinguished guests from around the world for a day of thought-provoking presentations and intellectual debate. In the future, SFA (Oxford) intends to organise other events on clean automotive technologies, future mobility and smart cities. To find out more about our events, please click

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